Memorable Moments Thus Far

With 2016 coming to an end soon, i review my most personal moments of the year. Click below to watch!


Connor McGregor to WWE?


Could “The Notorious” Connor McGregor be moving from the octagon to the squared circle? Well World Wrestling Entertainment’s executive vice president Paul Levesque, known in the wrestling world as Triple H, seems to believe that Connor will make a great addition to the WWE. In a recent interview with the Telegraph, Triple H stated:¬†“He could come over, he’s got it all, man. He’s got the personality, the skills, the talk. He’s an entertainer, for sure.” Connor recently defeated Eddie Alvarez via second round stoppage¬†to become the first ever simultaneous, two division champion in the history of the UFC. We have already seen WWE superstars such as Brock Lesnar and CM Punk make the leap into the octagon so don’t rule Connor out.

Should Connor make the leap from MMA to WWE that would be a tremendous benefit for both companies. Arguably the most well known mixed martial artist crossing over to the world’s most prestigious wrestling company will garner amazing revenue for both the WWE and MMA. The possibilities are endless should the WWE and UFC come to an agreement involving the superstar athlete.

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Legal Weed For All!


Well, sort of. November 8, 2016 California voters passed Proposition 64 which in turn legalized marijuana for recreational use. Prop 64 not only makes weed legal but it also reduces or eliminates the criminal penalties for marijuana offenses as well. This also allows individuals who have been convicted of crimes related to marijuana to petition to have sentencing reduced, recalled, or even dismissed. Any individual convicted of a marijuana related crime such as possession, harvesting, unlawful transportation, etc. will also gain more options to restore firearm rights which were very limited prior to prop. 64’s passing.

This is very beneficial in many ways for the state of California. It allows even more revenue for the state to be made not only by the sale of legalized marijuana but also in its production. Proposition 64 also gives many institutionalized individuals for a non-violent crime an opportunity to enter back into and become productive members of society.

For more information on the passing of Proposition 64 click here.

Are we really surprised?

Donald Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States Of America. Are we really that surprised? Follow me on twitter and instagram @_curtsr and on snapchat @Sr_curt. Follow Stezo Radio on all social media sites @StezoRadio. Listen to the Stezo Radio podcast on iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio and YouTube.

I Told You


Guwop is back at it again! Today atlanta rapper Gucci Mane released a track entitled “I Told You.” The track was produced by zaytoven and MikeWillMadeIt. It also features fellow down south rapper Young Thug. Gucci Mane and Young Thug have previously worked on past tracks titled “Again” and ‘Guwop Home.” From the track record of work between the two, this is defintely another hit. Gucci has definitely been on a tear in the music industry since his release from prison and it doesn’t look like he has any plans of slowing down. To listen to the track, click here. (image curtesy of



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