Joseph Ratliff, also known as Curt Dempsey or Youngin Curt, is an aspiring music mogul from the southside of Chicago. Co-host of Chicagoland’s very own “Stezo Radio” podcast, Joseph has consistently been a part of the entertainment industry for nearly ten years. From audio production to radio broadcasting, Joseph is experienced and continues to build on his craft.

Curt is currently a co-host for Stezo Radio, an intern with the D Stone Pony Show and Windy City Underground, as well as a student at Illinois Media School. During his tenure with the D Stone Pony Show and Windy City Underground, Joseph learned the workings of a radio station and how to work a soundboard. Through his studies at IMS, Joseph learned the ability of video and audio production and engineering.

Curt’s future goals is to one day become a music mogul and successfully own and operate his own record. He also has plans to lend his talents to a major hip-hop/rap radio station. Due to his diligence, dedication, and creativity the sky’s are the limit and there is no glass ceiling. One day Curt aspires to leave a legacy behind that his children’s children can look at in awe and follow his footsteps in pursuing dreams of their own.