Legal Weed For All!


Well, sort of. November 8, 2016 California voters passed Proposition 64 which in turn legalized marijuana for recreational use. Prop 64 not only makes weed legal but it also reduces or eliminates the criminal penalties for marijuana offenses as well. This also allows individuals who have been convicted of crimes related to marijuana to petition to have sentencing reduced, recalled, or even dismissed. Any individual convicted of a marijuana related crime such as possession, harvesting, unlawful transportation, etc. will also gain more options to restore firearm rights which were very limited prior to prop. 64’s passing.

This is very beneficial in many ways for the state of California. It allows even more revenue for the state to be made not only by the sale of legalized marijuana but also in its production. Proposition 64 also gives many institutionalized individuals for a non-violent crime an opportunity to enter back into and become productive members of society.

For more information on the passing of Proposition 64 click here.


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